CodePros is a local, Washington company dedicated to providing excellence in Building Department Services to our Washington State client partners.  Our commitment is to provide the expertise necessary to each partner jurisdiction to enable the jurisdiction to serve its citizens with the highest level of competence and customer service available.

CodePros understands that each jurisdiction is unique, and that each has its own political environment; yet a commonality exists in that each jurisdiction desires an effective code implementation program in a manner that recognizes the importance of code enforcement’s effect on the human life safety of its citizens who occupy the built environment.  CodePros is committed to providing excellence in every service provided and in every customer interaction experienced.

CodePros understands that growth of a community is dependent on effective, efficient building department services and the health and safety of its citizens is paramount.  Whereas some in the industry have a reputation for being a roadblock to growth, CodePros is committed to being a facilitator of safe projects, implementing the intent of the adopted codes in the manner for which they were designed.  Our goal is to assist jurisdictions and project designers to get projects to “Approved.”

CodePros maintains the highest levels of nationally recognized certifications and seeks staff with the greatest levels of knowledge and experience so that our partner jurisdictions can claim such excellence as their own.  Our continued focus on employee training and development assures that our staff members continue to seek knowledge and professional growth. 

Our team has extensive experience in a wide variety of code application situations.  We’ve provided professional plan review services for hospitals, skilled care nursing facilities, schools and universities, aircraft repair facilities, churches, large scale apartment and condominium communities and countless retail, commercial and industrial projects, as well as every form of residential project imaginable.  We’ve managed and/or provided effective and accurate inspection services for the same.

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